Question on stealing/restitution

I’m starting to remember a lot of things I did before I lived a life of Christ. I do not have a lot experience and knowledge regarding stealing so I hope some may help me. The thing I have trouble is how I should give restitution. Like do I just say “keep the change” when its like 2 dollars? I feel like going to a priest would be wasting his time because I’m not so much focusing on confessing these sins because they are certainly not mortal because I don’t think I knew about mortal sin/believed in it at the time.

  1. I accidently stole a few packages of seeds at Lowes my freshman year of high school. I don’t remember if I ever returned them.

  2. I accidently stole a box of cereal at the local supermarket. (I didn’t scan it)

  3. Confusing situation at this milkshake place. I didn’t think it was stealing at the time, but now I feel it is.

  4. This one sounds weird but I was charged for chicken at Chipotle instead of steak and it was 40 cents more and my protestant friend convinced me it was fine.

Like how would you give money to them. They are all very cheap, so its really not a problem to pay back. I feel like I’m acting scrupulous in this sense because again I’ve never really had to worry about this because I don’t steal.

Also, should I go out of my way to do it immediately, or should I just go when its convienent?

Thank you.

Talk with a priest :thumbsup:

He’s the one that can best help you, and you will NOT be wasting his time.


Go to confession.

Go to confession and if that doesn’t do it for you, make a donation to your local food shelter to make up for what you have done.

Just send them the money in the mail, putting in a note, saying it is owed to them. This shouldn’t take long to do. Why worry about it? You can do this with a simple effort and forget any worrying about it.
These aren’t serious sins, so you can simply wait to say them during your next confession.
If you don’t go to confession, why not go anyways?

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