Question on the DSP Liturgy of the Hours

Background: The 3rd volume of my “Liturgy of the Hours” set was stolen (along with other things) a couple of months back. While traveling, and looking for a replacement, I managed to pick up a very nice and handy “Office of Readings” book, conveniently broken up into 9 roughly pocket size volumes. The problem is that the books do not contain the psalter, or, in the case of Advent/Lent/Easter, the Closing Prayer [they are supposed to be used with another book which I could not find].

Now I remember that my Daughter of St. Paul’s one-volume “Christian Prayer” had a section for the Office of the Readings at the back with some general readings and a psalter. Could someone with that volume tell me whether it was the whole 4 week psalter for the Office of the Readings? For reference, the schema table is here.(The Greek numbering is used, so the psalms may be one-off in some cases)

[thinking back, there are a couple of variations for Advent and Lent not noted there, but ignore those for now]

Yes, the DSP edition includes the 4-week psalter for the Office, as well as proper or common antiphons (and pointers to psalms) for much of the calendar, which I think is more than CBP does.

The Closing Prayer is the same as in the office of the day in a seasonal or a sanctoral celebration, or the same as Sunday of the week during Ordinary Time, no?


Thank you, tee.

Yes, to the Closing Prayer. However, what the publisher of this set has done is copy the EXACT format of a 4 volume edition. That means that, quite irritatingly, especially in Advent, Lent, etc. at the end of the Office of Readings is the direction “Prayer as at Morning Prayer” – which of course, is not in this volume. It’s a pity, since I’m convinced it would be a best seller if they had just printed the Closing Prayers and put out another thin volume with the 4 Week psalter for the OoR, so that it could be used independantly. But it’s designed as a companion to a 1-volume “Christian Prayer”-like book.

So I’m busy now inserting cards with the Closing Prayers of each day at the back of the volumes so I can carry them about. I’m really quite pleased with this find - I had no idea something like this existed!

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