Question on the mingling of water and wine during consecration????

We have observed a priest filling his chalice and the public chalices with wine. HOWEVER he is ONLY adding water to HIS chalice. This is a continual event.

Our question is: Does this make the wine (without the added water) in the communial chalices the true blood of Christ?

Does anyone know of the correct documentation to back up the correct answer?

This has been brought up many times before (here and elsewhere). There are no liturgical norms regarding whether all chalices need water or not. Some priests mix the water with the wine before distributing it (although the norms say that the water is mixed with the wine in the chalice). All the chalices contain the Precious Blood after the consecration, even if water was only mixed with the wine in the principal chalice.

Here are a couple takes on the matter: (half-way down) (half-way down)

You know, if you check the true source, the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, it only seems to discuss “Chalice” (singular) when it comes to the adding of water:

  1. After this, as the minister presents the cruets, the priest stands at the side of the altar and
    pours wine and a little water into the chalice, saying quietly, Per huius aquae (By the mystery of
    this water). He returns to the middle of the altar, takes the chalice with both hands, raises it a
    little, and says quietly, Benedictus es, Domine (Blessed are you, Lord). Then he places the chalice
    on the corporal and covers it with a pall, as appropriate.

I have heard it discussed both ways, but I don’t see any mention of requiring that water is added to ALL chalices used. Does anyone?

I read the Canon Law article # 924 paragraph 2; which states the water must be mixed with the wine. I plan on approaching my priest about this matter as he (the Asssociate Pastor) too only mixes his chalice and not the publics’. However, I noted that our Pastor and Deacon mix all the chalices with water.
I will be back when I get an answer from either Priest. I will be meeting this week with the Associate Pastor.
Gob Bless you all


As you’re replying to a thread from almost 2 years ago, don’t worry too much about getting back promptly.

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