Question on the Rosary format

This may sound silly, but…

I usually say a scriptural rosary. To do so, I have the book in front of me, as well as a list of opening and closing prayers.

however, I’m trying to say the rosary more in the morning when there is less time, and sometimes in the car if I have a long trip.

Is a Rosary that’s just an Our father, 3 Hail Mary’s, the apostles creed, then the 5 decades, closed with the memorare a valid rosary?

I’ll finish by saying I’ve had a history of scrupulosity in the past, so rather than getting up tight about things I thought I’d ask others. :slight_smile:


I can’t remember the mysteries if I wanted to. Rote memory and I don’t go together. When I say the Rosary, I say the first decade asking out Lady to lay ten white roses at the feet of her Son and His Father in worship and praise, the second in thanksgiving for all Her Son has blessed me with, the third in sorrow for my sins, the fourth for intentions for others, and the last decade for my own intentions. I repeat the Our Father, three Hail Marys and the Doxology as a prayer to St. Joseph for a peaceful and happy death.

I know this isn’t standard, but I’m thinking any and all prayers to Jesus through Mary are worthwhile. If not, at least it helps me get to sleep.


On Sunday mornings I try to say a rosary for the state of the world (this is a prayer chain my pastor started in the hopes that enough people would sign up so that a rosary would be said 24/7) anyways, I usually say the Apostles Creed, the Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s, then 5 decades, and finished with the Hail Holy Queen.
Hope this helps!
God bless :slight_smile:

To my understanding this is the traditional way of praying the rosary. :slight_smile:

But it’s a private devotion and you can adjust as you need. We pray two decades every day with our kids before bed. We do meditate on the mysteries, but no, that’s not required either. But the rosary should always be a prayer, not merely a recitation.

Its a personal devotion! Do the mysteries if you want, either your favs or in the order recommended. You can make up your own mysteries if you want as well!

I do the days mysteries in the early morning, then at night 2-3 decades for those I promised prayers to on CAF as well as my family and friends.

As they say… It’s ALL good!

Yes, it’s my understanding that the traditional rosary was just this, and maybe without even the Memorare.

My mother and dad said the rosary in this manner (usually without Memorare; Mom would say the Hail Holy Queen at the end but I don’t think Dad knew that prayer so he would skip it if not praying with Mom) and this is how I was trained to say it. Sign of the Cross, Creed on the crucifix, Our Father-3 Hail Marys - Glory Be on the opening beads, repeat for 5 decades. Later I was taught the mysteries.

I know when we prayed the rosary as a family my parents made an effort to add the Fatima Prayer after each decade but they had to read it out of a book as they didn’t normally include it in their rosary praying. Also, they never learned the final prayer at the end on the Crucifix, that begins “Oh God, whose only begotten Son…” I learned that myself as a teenager out of a prayer book.

In recent years, priests and others have also been adding the Prayer to St. Michael to the final rosary prayers.

Seems like there are a lot of ways to “add on” to the Rosary but the basic method to me is still what you described.


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