question on vocation

I am 36 years
I was a caregiver to my parents
I had three misscarriages
And during the past two years healing from all
The abuse i endured from being raped.
I went online to find help for my future path
I saw schooling to become a minister .
And i also saw catholic home study .
But w all of this i still get a feeling that i did right
By becoming a minister but also a feeling.
God wants me to explore other paths of my
Ministry career
How can i tell what ?
And why is god telling to persue a vocation
While he know i desperatly want kids and a husband ?

Check out the Holy Innocents Family:


Sorry but I don’t understand your thread, you have had three miscarriages, one by rape is this is what you are saying, but to lead a holy life single , one does not go to bed with any guys you say you have had three miscarriages, is this what you mean , maybe to first practise chastity then you can go on from there, you say you are a Minister what sort of Minister as I have never heard that word used in the Catholic Church, maybe I am mis understanding you , one does not go to bed with a guy unless you are married, and maybe this is what you are being called for because chastity seems unlikely. In what way is God do you think calling you to a vocation, even as a nun you cannot keep thinking I should have kids and a husband, best to get advise from a priest that knows you and your life style to guide you.

Hidden Valley, PA? Go talk to a priest in Matamoris, Port Jervis, or in Scranton and try to unravel your conflicting spiritual life. There are any number of priest in your area. Are you an active minister? You have me slightly confused, but I will pray for you.

Actually all my miscarriage
Were from rapes the first by my bro in law (twins)
The second by my ex
And hidden valley is in somerset county pa
Yes i am a minster very active in my job
A minster is someone who preaches the word and no
It is not mention in the catholic church ooh but it is
Under lay ministery .
I didnt go to bed we these men they force themselves
On me .
It is not my fault .

Dear Lordie,

I saw that the rapes were by someone you should have been able to trust, your brother, and and by ex. I pray you will find healing after so much hurt.

Sometimes we have feelings or doubts, but that doesn’t always mean those feelings or fears are the right ones.

Your strongest feeling is your desire to have a loving husband and children. This could mean that is God’s call.

You are still too hurt, I think, to make any decisions about religious life when you don’t want to.
You are already serving God by all your care of your parents, and through your ministry.
A priest once said to me as he held his hands far apart, “We think God wants this much of us” Then he held his hands close, “and we do this much” then put his hands closer again “but really this is what He wants of us”.

Lordie, do you realize how important to God your unselfish love of your parents in faithful day to day care is in His sight? And you may not realize how your ministry please Him! God bless you for those wonderful generous acts!

I ask God to give you the healing and love of body, emotions, and soul that you need for the life He desires for you.


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