Question on whether a mortal sin or not


I was watching an ecchi anime to see good friendly parts in it, and I tried to skip all of the bad parts of it, I remember them saying something bad (dont remember what they as actually said) I just gave a have smile and shook my head no, did I commit a mortal sin, i feel bad and I did I know that those things were in there but I watched it anyway and tried to skip
Please answer


I can’t say if it’s mortal or not, but watching ecchi anime is like playing with fire, even if you’re only watching it for the non-pornographic scenes. You ought to go to confession for it either way. And when you do, resolve to never watch ecchi again.


Okay thanks


Sounds like that at least could be “near occasion of sin” which can be mortal in certain circumstances.


If you’re not 100% sure you committed a mortal sin, then you very likely did not. Remember 3 things have to be present to commit a mortal sin.

  • Grave Matter
  • Full Knowledge
  • Full Consent of the Will

You cannot accidently commit a mortal sin.


I feel really bad and guilty about this


Okay, I cant go today, I dont think tomorrow eatheir, so I’ll go on Saturday night before mass


I’d say it’s a near occasion of sin. It’s not hentai, which is literally porn, it’s just low key verging on it. I’ve seen a fair share of ecchi myself (didn’t know it was until I started watching it) and most of the time I was like you and skipped through all the bad, icky stuff. But, I will say that it’s best to stay away from it so you don’t even give yourself the chance to commit a mortal sin. Sometimes I just end up dropping the series all together because it makes me uncomfortable and I honestly don’t wanna risk it. I highly recommend you do the same.

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I think you should confess it though, just to be safe.


Yeah I will thank you

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