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the street preacher in this link, who is born again goes into a catholic church while mass is going on and starts shouting things about the faith… i called him brother and he replied saying that he is not my brother because satan is my father…he said all catholics are going to hell… what do born again christians believe ??? and why do they hate catholics so much ??? :confused:


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sorry i didnt know… could people still check it out or no ?


Of course. But saying ‘everyone go to this site’ isn’t a good idea.


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So I noticed :wink: :thumbsup:


thx… :smiley: i have noticed alot of other christians hate catholics, why is that ??


Uh, it isn’t exactly a one-way street there, sadly. :frowning:

A good many Catholics hate non-Catholics too. There are even traditionalist and sedevacantist Catholics who have the same level of hatred for other Catholics who aren’t traditionalist or sedevacantist!

We’re not so prone to interrupting their services, of course, that doesn’t mean the hatred isnt there, unfortunately.

There are lots of reasons why this might be so - an important one seems to be serious misunderstanding or being badly taught about what Catholicism is and what it teaches, what beliefs Catholics hold.



That guy is rude to say the least. I think that church handled him very well. :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

God forbid that any of us should ever disgrace the Gospel of Christ like that.

Why do such people hate the Catholic Church?

Because they have believed lies and propaganda about our most holy faith. I’ve met his kind before… and they really hate me because I can match them point for point and refute their every remark without really breaking a sweat.

Now…that facility with the Word of God, Catholic teaching, and historic references did not just come to me by osmosis and overnight. It takes time and study, and loads and loads of prayer… And it takes courage…the courage to hear out whatever propaganda is offered and not get all freaked out and angry and fail to be Christ-like as I respond with as much quiet charity as the Holy Spirit gives me grace.

Get used to it my dear brother. Remember what the character of Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) said in one of the “Patriot Games” series of movies. When asked how many enemies he could afford to make, he simply replied, “Even Jesus had enemies.”

Our Lord said it best though.

Luke 6:27 But I say to you that hear: Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. 28 Bless them that curse you, and pray for them that calumniate you.


Bishop Fulton Sheen said it best:In America you will not find a hundred people who hate the Catholic church but you will find millions who hate the Catholic church for what they "think"the Catholic church believes.:slight_smile:


What a disturbing video! I was starting to break a sweat while watching it! How wonderful that the congregation FINALLY broke into song. Powerful witness.


BTW, Catholics are also born again.

Check out these articles…but don’t waste your time on that guy. Oh, and these MP3s that will REALLY be a help to you.
God bless!
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