Question, please help

If someone you were driving with scratched a car and then left without leaving a note or anything, would you be sinning (mortal or venial)? Also, if you said that the right thing to do would be to leave a note but didn’t force the subject and kind of said that it would be easier to just leave. Thank you for any replies, they are greatly appreciated.

The driver is responsible for his actions behind the wheel, not the passenger. If he chooses to leave the scene without leaving a note, you are not the one at fault.

That just happened to us today! Was that you or your pal? We came out of a store and found our truck keyed !! How would you or your friend like it if you paid thousands of dollars for something just to have vandals ruin it??

Yes, this is a sin against your neighbor and you are an accomplice! It will cost a fortune to repair so now we have to live with it. If we put it on our insurance our rates will go up. Thanks a lot.

Someday when you grow up and have to work hard for something, I hope you undestand better what this feels like and destruction of someone else’s property is criminial not to mention sinful. You or someone like you violated our trust and our property.:mad:

Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wanted to let you know that we went back and left a note.
And to Fortuna: I’m sorry about what happened to you today. I was pretty sure it was a sin to leave but I was just wondering how bad if you don’t say anything to the driver (which makes you an accomplice as you rightly said). Also it wasn’t a truck so it’s not us. Again, sorry about what happened to you and I would leave a note (if I was the driver), I was just wondering if I should insist or force the driver of the car to do it if they didn’t want to.

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