Question : Pray for me to win the Lottery request

Dominus vobiscum.

I have a colleague, who keeps requesting me to pray for him to win the Lottery.

What reply is best for me to give a non-Christian?

Please advise.

Dominus vobiscum.

Honestly my friend.the best reply you could give your friend in this situation is:

"Certainly I will pray that you win the lottery my friend,
But on the condition that you give me 50% of the winnings

Give us this day our daily bread?

and the other 50% to the homeless.


I’ll pray you find happiness.


Strictly speaking, there is nothing unlawful about praying to win the lottery.

Is he being serious? Playfully teasing you? Not-so-playfully teasing you?

Peace be with you Brother/sister TK421.

This is, in all fact, a difficult question as I do not know his heart. However, from his tone of voice, he is being Serious.

He also says that this money (the winnings) are really or the poor, as he wishes to help them.

Thank you everyone for your replies.

I will keep monitoring this thread for more insight.

Dominus vobiscum.

Nothing wrong with saying; “Yes I’ll pray, but God will bring His plan either way. If God wants you to win you will win.”

You can tell him that you will pray for Gods will to be done in the situation e.g tell him you will pray that he wins only if God wills him to win the lottery or that if he doesn’t win you pray for Gods will to take a front seat in a different plan for his life and finances…

But most of all emphasise to him that he will only ever win if God wills him to…and if he wants to win to live an extravagant lifestyle etc that would highly unlikely be Gods will…

His request is at least an opening to talk about the Lord. I would probably respond with something like, 'I’ll pray that you can accept God’s will, win or not"

There was a scene from “Bruce Almighty” where the protagonist is a regular guy who gets the powers of God. He answers “yes” to about 40,000 people praying to win the lottery, and they win, getting small sums instead of millions.

So be careful what you ask for.

You’ll win the lottery. A prize of $5 for matching two or three numbers.

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