Question: "Pro multis" (Edited Title)


Hey, I was reading the Bible recently, particularly the Last Supper and found something that kind of bothered me. I noticed that when Jesus was offering up the bread and wine he says that it will be offered up for many. Why does the priest at Mass replace the word “many” with “all”? I don’t have a problem with it or anything and I know that Christ redeemed us all with his death and gave everyone a chance at salvation. I was just wondering what the reason was for switching the words and if it is anything to worry about. Thanks for responses.


The Novus Ordo was written first in Latin, as all Church documents/Sacraments/what-have-you are. And here it says “pro multis” which literally means “for many”. The Latin is true to the Scripture.

In the English translation it was rendered “for all” which of course is horrible theology and has angered people since the translation first came out. It will soon be changed, I hear, to the correct “for many” as will a few other little phrases sometime in the next year (?).


A new translation is in the works right now. “Pro multis” will be correctly translated as “for many” in the new translation.


Although, placed in theological context, Christ died for all…See Hebrews 10:10


It’s not horrible theology. It’s just referring to a different aspect of Christ’s death. Christ’s death was for many, in terms of efficiency, but for all, in terms of sufficiency.

It’s bad quotation, though, which is why it ought to be changed.



Thats good. I think its safest to stick to the exact words or Christ, especially if it was “for many” in Latin before it was translated.


My thoughts exactly - He certainly desires the salvation of all, and His death was designed to permit of the salvation of all people, although not all will avail themselves of His saving act :frowning:

And perhaps it would be good to change back to ‘for many’ just to remind people not to take salvation for granted if nothing else.


Yup! Like I said in post #4 !!:thumbsup:


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