Question re Chaplets, Rosaries


I believe a question similar to the following was posted some weeks ago. Someone had asked if rosaries, which are not blessed, are valid (for lack of remembering the words used in earlier post).

I don’t know what the final answer was but today I wondered about that and also, chaplets - such as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy or Rosary of the Holy Wounds, and so many others. Must they be blessed to be acceptable as prayers? Also, must they just be blessed by a priest or must he use Holy Water in the blessing? (I have to think not since I remember hearing years ago that people use their fingertips I THINK - or in case of prisoners, even stones in their cell to count the decades - but I’m really guessing now.)

Will someone clarify this? I don’t like to think that what few I’ve said have not been accepted because the beads may not have been blessed.:frowning: (Can’t be…but I’d love certain confirmation.)


You don’t even need beads, let alone blessed beads. The prayers can be said on the fingers if you like. It’s the prayer that matters.

The use of sacramentals (blessed items) is nice, but certainly not necessary for prayer.


I thought so - (re fingers).
You made my day. God and Our Lady bless you.

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