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I have a co worker, who generally speaking is a nice person, and does their job really great however, this person “seems” to enjoy stirring the pot in the dept. I have seen them tell one person one thing then tell the other person involved something else, it’s like she is trying to play them against each other while she looks good to both parties that are involved. I have noticed that if I go along then the atmosphere is good, she jokes with me etc…but if I really try to not participate and be the Christian that God calls me to be, then the "air "suddenly gets really chilly and she is not as friendly with me. I admit, I have participated in these things too but I am trying really hard to do better. Do any of you think there could be a type of spiritual warfare going on here?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I don’t think nice people do that. I would be so bold as to say I’m willing to bet this person says mean and gossipy things about you, as they do with others. Don’t take the bait . . .


I was discussing that very same thing with a close friend at lunch the other day, that I was probably the topic of conversation when I was not around.
Sometimes, I can’t quite put my finger on it, it seems so insidious almost evil but then I think maybe I am looking for the devil under every stone. Maybe it is just being plain mean.


It certainly could be spiritual warfare…at the least it is a temptation for you to sin (if you participate in the gossip and lying too).

I deal with the same thing – and there are only 5 of us (including me) in our office! :eek: It’s tough to avoid, but I just either walk away or stay quiet when people start talking about others (in a mean way). It’s not always easy, but it’s the right thing to do. While it may get “chilly” for you, you can handle that – it’s certainly better than it being too hot in the next life. :wink:


I like how you said, or too hot in the next life!!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: That is too funny.
Well I know what I did was wrong, you know it is like I watch myself do these things knowing good and well it is wrong but I got caught up and jumped right on in.
One thing-our mgr seems to think she can do no wrong, who do you think reports him to upper mgmt and it ain’t me!


I think we’ve all been there (I know I have). It’s pretty hard to not get caught up in it, especially when your BOSS is the one initiating it (as happens here). :eek: I just try my best and at this point, I don’t care what they think of me. It still doesn’t make it easy, but say a little prayer when the situations come up and you’ll be able to walk away much easier. :slight_smile:



Yeah, been there gone through that. I’ll pray for you :slight_smile: It probably is spiritual warfare…at least that’s how I looked at it. Anything that takes our attention away from God - in that way - is spiritual warfare in my opinion anyway - because if you aren’t working for God, then inevitably you’re working for the other side. I don’t feel it’s necessary to be a Hitler or a Stalin or something to perpetuate the evil in the world - it’s all around us everyday.

I found that praying for them, and for my strength to come from Him rather than my own, helped tremendously. Once I took that first step after praying that - the rest were much easier.

The verse that always came to mind was - If you are ashamed of me - then I will be ashamed of you before the father. I kind of thought that meant not just for the big things in life - but the little ones too, like standing up and walking away when the backstabbing started, or the conversation turned dirty.

I will keep you in my prayers



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