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I am new here and not a Catholic. I have a question that I am sure you can answer and I wanted someone who has true knowledge to answer this for me.

If a man divorces a Catholic woman and she does not obtain the Catholic church divorce…I can’t think of the name for it…if the husband wants to come back to her, is she supposed to take him back as her husband?? Thanks.


You probably mean annulment. Technically its not a divorce, its saying a valid marriage did not exist. But if a man divorces a Catholic woman and it was a valid marriage in the eyes of the church [Edited by Moderator]then they will always be married. So if the husband wants to come back to her, and she wants him back, then thats great. If she doesn’t want him back and if there were reasons she doesn’t want to be with him or shouldn’t be with him she isn’t obligated to be with him. Just can’t remarry.

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Just a little info, SSPX annulments are invalid. As for going to priests who are suspended a divinis for spiritual advice or the sacraments, I can’t advise that.

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unless you know something more about his situation than he revealed, he is simply looking for someone to explain the way it works. he needs to know if his marriage was valid in the eyes of the church, and if so what the implications are if the man wants to go back to the catholic wife.

no one is talking about having anyone at the sspx do anything. but if i didn’t know where to go I’d rather someone point me in the direction of an sspx priest than the most conservative priest in my parish, who now seems to think it will be okay to have women priests.


I’m just warning against seeking their advice, as they were suspended for a reason. The bit about annulments is just tangentially related.

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