I used to be a fan of Jacob Michael and Lumen Gentleman Apologetics and had his site bookmarked.
Now someone else owns the web address, and I’ve googled
both Lumen Gentleman Apologetics and Jacob Michael by name and can’t find anything about them. It’s as if he left the planet.
Are any of you familiar with him and Lumen Gentleman Apologetics? If you are, do you know what has become of him and LGA ???


This has been discussed before on catholic answers forum. I think last time it was discussed someone did say they knew about him.


He didn’t pay the yearly fee to keep his site up, and the host (without warning) pulled his site down. Why it is not back up is anyone’s guess, it has been at least 6mo now and it shouldn’t cost that much.

It had a lot of good information, so it stinks that it is gone.


Thanks folks,
yet I wonder if that is all that there is to it.
Cuz I can’t find ANYTHING current about him on google,
not even a recent posting on any other website.
I hope nothing has happened to him…


Here is a blog he set up:

The problem here is that he appeared to have abandoned the blog as well, almost as if he doesn’t really care. It’s been three full months of no posting, not even commenting in his comment box. I also hope nothing bad has happened to him.


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