Question re Morality of a Job Choice


Hello All:

Thank you for allowing me to pose my question. I am looking at a potential job opportunity with a company that has very interesting technology that simplifies and exacts DNA testing. Now, this DNA testing could be used for any number of terrific and holy purposes (e.g., determining risk factors for breast cancer through BRCA-1 or -2). However, one other purpose could be determination of pregnancy risk factors (e.g., Downs) that would lead to a person to consider abortion.

What would the Church have to say about working for a company that provides such kind of technology and products. Am I at moral risk?

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Your brother in Christ


I suggest you contact the National Catholic Bioethics Center for guidance.

Based on what you have written here, the bioethics center probably has more in depth considerations such as what type of research and development this company does-- i.e. Embryonic stem cell research, aborted fetal tissue research, etc., that they can help you sort through.


If someone decides to get an amprtion because their baby has Down’s Syndrome, that is on THEIR head, not yours.

Think of it like this: if someone found out their baby is likley to be born with Down’s Syndrome because of your work, that person might also go out and do research to find the best educational and health resources for their baby’s special needs.

If it really bothers you that your work might be twisted for evil, counter-balance it by protesting abortion. Protest outside clinics and hand information flyers out to woman who are not sure if it’s the right choice (if you convince one woman not to get an abortion, you’ve saved a human’s life), attend rallies and marches to show that being opposed to abortion is not a fringe idea, write to your local politicians and to other congressmen (each letter lets a politician know that his pro-abortion cost him a vote).


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