Question re My Daily Psalm Book

I know the fellow lay people that do TLM sometimes use My Daily Psalm Book for their Daily Prayers. I would like to ask:

  1. Is it just Psalms arranged according to the Divine Office?
  2. Does it include Antiphons? “Prayers”? (My understanding is that I can use the collect from Propers if it does not)
  3. Does it include the canticles? (To my understanding, there are canticles for Divine Office)
  4. does it have anything else outside of Psalms, and those that may be in 2) and 3)?
  1. Yes, it is the Psalms arranged according to the 1962 Breviary.
  2. It doesn’t include antiphons or prayers.
  3. It does include the canticles for Lauds. Also, it includes the Benedictus, Magnificant, and Nunc Dimmitis.
  4. It just includes the Psalms. Though it also has some nice line drawings. The illustrations are depictions of scenes from the Psalms.

So it’s just these, right?
-(ii-r)1st Song of Moses: Exodus 15:1-22
-(ii-s)2nd Song of Moses: Deuteronomy 32:1-43
-Hannah (Anna): 1 Samuel 2:1-16
-David: 1 Chronicles 29: 10-13
-Habakkuk 3:2-33
-(ii)Isaias 12: 1-7
-Ezekiel: Isaias 38: 10-23
-(i)Isaias 45: 15-30
-Three Children: Daniel 3:26-56
-Benedictite: Daniel 3:57-88, 56
-Ecclesiasticus: Sirach 36: 1-16
-Jeremias 31: 10-18
-Tobias 13: 1-10-15, 17-19
Benedictus: Luke 1:68-79
Magnificat: Luke 1:46-55
Nunc dimittis: Luke 2:29-32

Yes, for the most part. Some of the ones you listed aren’t included. It only has the Féria canticles I.e. It doesn’t take into account the liturgical changes.

So I didn’t miss anything, but actually have more canticles huh?

Sweet. Trying to make an insert for my DR bible so i can pray something similar for Matins. Starting to move toward the 1962 calender.

Correct. The My Daily Psalm Book does not take into account the liturgical changes, which includes some of the canticles being changed throughout the year. So your list has more canticles than what the book has. The book only contains the feria canticles, plus the ones from the Gospels.

Thanks for your help. This is the one I made based on the Kindle preview and cross reference with 1962’s info:

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