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This is simply a curiosity questions and I don’t want to go into details that are inappropriate sincde both men and woman psot on this site. So here it goes

Can someone please tell me of a resource that explicitly explains all the details of NFP?

The reason I ask is because I went to the pharmacy and asked the parmacist. And he told me it was totally unreliable and the only reason Catholics use it is because if the woman does get pregnant they decide to accept God’s will.

So just to clear up (and without getting to graphic), I am asking because I have some concerns about my cycle and I was thinking that if I took my temperature, it might answer some questions for me



If you click on search and type in nfp you will find many threads on this subject. Many of them have links provided by people familiar with nfp and there will be information for you.:thumbsup:


Here's a good site with lots of information:

We are not allowed to give any medical advice on this forum, however, the fact of the matter is, contraceptives can be really hard on a woman. Yes, it can prevent certain types of cancer, but it can also increase the risk of other types of cancer. It also causes blot clots which lead to pulmonary embolism and/or stroke. So you relaly don't want to be on birth control pills unless you have a good (medical) reason for being on them, and are treating a medical condition with them.

I truly don't know how effective NFP is in preventing pregnancy because I'm not using it myself. Some of the folks here are really really happy with it and swear by it, and others are not. I can tell you that it takes a commitment, and with all other things in life you have to learn about it and practice it. NFP is not like the 'old rythmn method', it's a few different methods, and you can use more than one method at the same time. It calls for discipline because there is a time of abstinence. But just like contraceptives, the degree to which it is effective directly correlates to practicing it correctly.

It's true that Catholics use it while being open to life. But they use NFP to not only space out pregancies but also to delay having more children in some cases. You really ought to research it yourself, and I highly recommend taking a class. "Catholic" reasons aside, it's still undeniably healthier on your body, and uses the body's own natural cycles.


there are many websites that explain NFP. a search for "natural family planning" will bring up many which can give you the basics.

One site I like for introductory material is It explains the sympto-thermal approach to NFP, where you use mucus signs, cervix, and temperature to track your cycle. Other methods use other combinations of those signs and (for some) a fertility monitor.

You will probably want to contact an NFP counselor in your area--some of the NFP sites will have links to contacts--so that you can learn how use the information properly.

You might also want to look into the Pope Paul the VI Institute ( They specialize in responsible fertility regulation, and ethical means for the treatment of infertility and related reproductive disorders.

provide information about the Billings method of Natural Family Planning which is a very reliable method of family planning. You can get help from an nfp teacher online or in your local area through these web sites.


There are a few different methods of NFP. Creighton is used to determine problems in the cycle. I'm learning it now. The Pope Paul institute mentioned in a previous post would be able to have information on it.


Creighton method is what you want because it is directly used with Napro technology which is used to help fertility issues (which sometimes means just having a healthy cycle).

Creighton is a standardized teaching method— which means you must see a teacher in order to be taught accurately. This is to insure accurate and standard use so that it has use to the doctor. There is no temperature taking with this method.

I’ve caught several issues in my charting that I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

then find an NFP-only doc that can help you. People drive from 4 different states to see the ones in my city.


Hmm...been searchin through all the threads...does anyone know of an existing thread, perhaps where different women chime in on their experience with NFP? I'd be interested in hearing personal experiences, and how well it really works.


Thanks everyone for you answers


You could call up your diocese and ask for their class schedule.Or try the Couple to Couple League.


[quote="shondrea, post:8, topic:196964"]
Hmm...been searchin through all the threads...does anyone know of an existing thread, perhaps where different women chime in on their experience with NFP? I'd be interested in hearing personal experiences, and how well it really works.


There are tons of threads in Family Life, Parenting, and Moral Theology on NFP. Since it can be used both to achieve and avoid pregnancy, you'll find threads on both topics.

There are also various threads relating to the different methods of NFP, which each use different fertility signs and ways of charting. Here are websites associated with each of these methods:

Creighton Model (mucus-only), associated with NaProTechnology and FertilityCare Centers such as the Pope Paul VI Institute. Most helpful method for diagnosing and addressing cycle problems, infertility, and other women's health issues.

The Billings Ovulation Method is another mucus-only method. Also check out

The Marquette Model uses the mucus sign as well as a ClearBlue fertility monitor. I believe it is based on Billings/Creighton.

The Couple-to-Couple League International (CCLI) is a sympto-thermal method that includes observations of the mucus sign, cervical position, and waking temperature in charting. Other resources for the sympto-thermal method include,, and Toni Wechsler's Taking Charge of Your Fertility / FAM (be aware, FAM supports the use of barrier methods during the fertile period, which is unacceptable according to Catholic teaching).

Another forum entirely dedicated to NFP (all methods) is here: Natural Family Planning discussion board

There are tons of resources for women seeking information about NFP. It's too bad that more people in the medical establishment aren't aware of them and continue to spread misinformation about NFP, its scientific foundations, and its effectiveness.


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