Question re private devotions at home


I have been using the Magnificat booklet that comes out every month which has been ok, but I wanted to get a permanent volume to use for prayer at home.I have been looking at the HarperCollins books - here in the UK - but cannot work out the difference between the 'Divine Office' (here is a link), Daily Prayer (link here) and the Morning & Evening Prayer (link here).

I assume the Sunday and weekly Missals just contain the Mass services, and as there are 3 volumes of the Divine Office and only one of the Morning and Evening Prayer is it reasonable to suppose the Divine Office books have readings etc in them as well? Also, if the readings are in the Divine office, is the Study Lectionary also necessary (link here)?

Thanks for any help!


Try to help you understand how toe Liturgy of the Hours work. God bless


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