Question re: title for a nun

Does one call a nun who is the Mother Superior of a small order/convent “Mother-------” or “Sister------”?
I don’t want to call her by the wrong title! Thanks in advance for your input.

Mother -------- or Reverend Mother.

Usually, you would call her Mother, Reverend Mother, or Mother Superior. This may be different in different orders though. I know a good Order in Wichita and out of humor they call theirs Mother General. :smiley:

It could be either. There is no universally accepted form of address for female or male superiors, and the actual title used is determined by each individual religious institute, although ‘mother’ might be said to be more common. (Even that would be dependent on the kind of religious institute in question, and their constitutions).

The superior is unlikely to be concerned by any mistake in this respect, and will politely correct you if they deem it necessary. Like so many things, we can’t know how this works in a particular setting until someone has told us, and there would be no need for any offence to be taken by either party.

Thank you so much to everyone for your responses. I love the Mother General story, and I’m glad you mentioned the order was in Wichita because I chuckled when I thought it might very well have been the Mother Superior I was inquiring about! But even she would find that quite humorous!

God bless you all for your help.

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