Question re: unbaptised child


I am a 61 year old former CCD teacher. I am trying to help a friend who has 2 small children who have not been baptised or received and formal training in our faith. She asked me the question May a child go to CCD is they are not baptised? I told her I don’t think so. Am I right? Thanks.


We have had children in Faith Formation that were not baptized, and their father was actively working with the priest to get them baptized. We welcomed them with open arms. The entire family was Baptized last winter. 4 girls. Their classes came to that Mass to support them.
Children older than 7 years old are not “dunked” as we say, they enroll in RCIC…Christian Initiation classes for Children. (Children’s RCIA) so that they understand what is going on and cover the basics.
Introduce your friend and her children to the DRE at your parish. He or she will approach the pastor, and hopefully all will be well. There is no reason to deny them enrollment in classes.
It’s great that she has turned to you for help.


I was baptized during my first year of CCD, which was 1st grade for me (even though I was a 2nd grader). My class came to watch my Baptism because we were learning about that sacrament at the time!


Thanks Angela77 and pianistclare for responding to my question. I will pass the information on to my young friend. I will try to have her contact the religious education teacher at her parish since she lives a distance from me andmy church. Thanks again! Elaine2121


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