Question Regarding CBS Series "NCIS"

Tonight, our parish hosted the “40 Days for Life Kickoff Event” in our area.

Due to this, I missed the “Fall Season Opener” for NCIS. COuld any folks tell me what happened ? Due to some procrastination, I did not set up my “Recorder” to capture the show.

Thank you,

After Tony shot Zeeva’s boyfriend she went back to Israel. So Tony, with McGee’s help, interviews for somebody to replace her, and basically Gibbs sends them all away crying.

So then news comes in that Zeeva died in a boat crash (no survivors). Tony becomes really distant for a moment and then pops up, when Gibbs orders him to get his things, for some other mission, and says, NO! We need to find the pirates who blew up her boat.

So the director says you can’t pull this kind of military operation, so Gibbs sends McGee and Tony in as ‘observers.’ They are immediately captured, and Tony is given a truth serum and is forced to tell the man all about the team. Then McGee is thrown into the room, bloody as well, and after a while Zeeva is also thrown in, and their reuinion is very unexpectedly anticlimactic. Zeeva is basically removed, prepared to die. And then Tony has a plan…

Sorry, I can’t spoil the rest!!! Lots of websites are legally showing it for free… I don’t want to kill the story:D

It is available for free to watch a

Watch it here. :smiley:

While under the serum Tony basically introduces NCIS, the series, to new viewers. They show a law enforcement procedural case will on the spy/terrorist case. As CBS is treating the show as its breakout show from last year and it introduced a spinoff. As the NCIS audience tends to be older, maybe Mark Harmon (Jethro Gibbs) fans from a generation ago. With LL Cool J, very old for a rap star, coming in on the spinoff series as a retired SEAL/NCIS agent maybe the producers think a new younger fan base will stay for the two hour bloc.

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