Question regarding incense


I’m an altar server at my parish, and I had a question regarding incense. Tonight we had two priests celebrate Mass. The main celebrant was a visiting priest, and the concelebrating priest was my pastor. At the Preparation of the Gifts, whenever the main celebrant was done incensing the gifts and the altar, I took the censor from him and incensed him. Then I incensed the congregation like normal. Was I supposed to incense my pastor as well? He was standing at his chair while the main celebrant was at the altar praying over the gifts, and I assumed he stepped away so that I did not incense him. I was always told that I should only incense the main celebrant, but someone told me I should have incensed the pastor as well. Is there any specific guideline on what to do in regards to this?

Other than that the rest of the Mass went smoothly. :wink:



So, it can be done either way?


I’ve seen it done both ways in the Cathedral. I’ve see the incense used with just the main celebrant and the main Deacon, and I’ve seen where it was used on every single co-celebrant (20 plus).

God Bless


Interesting topic since I get to serve as acolyte from time to time during the men’s club mass.

I really wish our pastor used incense more these days. I used to love the smell of it as a kid and it seemed back then (in the 1970’s) they would use incense all the time.

I also miss all the bells that they used to use. Oh well, times change I guess, but I wish they wouldn’t have changed this in the mass.

OP, thanks for the question as I never would have known what to do.


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