Question regarding Kathisma


In my research regarding the Divine Office, I found out that the Orthodox use a Psalter system call Kathisma, and that each day is assigned to a Matin (2 Kathisma) and a Vesper (1 Kathisma),

  1. Is it pretty much parallel to Divine Office?
  2. On Orthodox Wiki, I read, for example, the matin also involve 6 additional Psalm. If 1) is true, does that mean the Eastern Rite will have to chant the 6 Psalms, Canticles (how many?), plus the 2 Kathisma assigned for the matin?
  3. If 2) is wrong, is there some Antiphons and prayers that goes before and after each kathisma/stasis? What are the order?


Take a look at the structure of the The Daily Cycle of Services at this site:


Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.


Thanks. I am trying to do an insert for DR bible that contain the Kathisma order and prayers in between, and want to make it so that it wouldn’t (too) confuse people, forgot some stuff, or even in complete error.


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