Question regarding prayers for the salvation of a Soul


I have heard that it is within the teachings of the church that One can pray for a soul’s salvation after they have died— for someone who has led a life which normally would not conform to to their salvation. That God being outside of time know’s that this party will have prayer said for them after their death and that God can sometimes honor that prayer for the soul and save that soul on their death bed or at the point of death.

Does anyone have any info and sources for this teaching, I have heard it mentioned Saint Terease of Avila prayed for the soul of Judas for salvation, and have heard of a few other other general statements on this


Hi Michael,

You hve answered your own question. God may have given someone the gift of repentance and final perseverance in view of the prayers He knew would be said for them. This is not usually found in the Catechism, as it is somewhat esoteric, but it is based on God’s nature.

At any rate, no prayer is lost. If God cannot apply your prayer to someone in particular, He will apply it to someone else.



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