Question regarding sex and sin (kind of personal/graphic)


DH and I are actively trying for a #2 baby. The other night, it was “time to try,” so to speak, and we began foreplay. Although we were both stimulating one another, no matter what, I could not become physically aroused – my body was just not cooperating. So we stopped, even though DH was aroused.

Did we sin? We intended to complete the act, wanted to complete the act, and were completely open to life, but I physically could not complete the act. To try would have caused pain. I kind of feel like this is analogous to men with erectile dysfunction – are they sinning if they try, but physically fail to complete the marital act?

I need to know whether I must confess this before receiving the Eucharist. Please advise … I am so sorry about how graphic this post is, but I have no one else to ask.


No, not a sin & nothing to confess.
Just very frustrating for both of you, I know!
Hang in there! :thumbsup:


not a sin at all.


Thank you both. I felt like we were okay, but I had to be sure before receiving Jesus.


Philothea- Not to give too much information but there is a product you can buy that is open to life and helps with matters such as these. It is called Preseed. I am a patient of Dr. Hilgers at the Pope Paul VI institute and they recommended it to me so I’m sure it is ok as far as the church is concerned. It is a lubricant but not a spermicide. Actually it somehow helps sperm survive longer. If you are interested you can find it on the internet by searching by its name. I’m not sure if we are allowed to post webaddresses here so I don’t want to risk it.


Thank you for the information.


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