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Ok, I want to see what people think. What is the moral difference, if any, between homosexual and contracepted sex?


oh boy:rolleyes: …where to start?


I am not sure what kind of answer you are looking for. I would like to politely ask first, why are you trying to compare the two and for what reason?

They are both sins, plain and simple.

This is like asking “what is the difference between stealing and lying?” I am not trying to be critical of your question, really. Just looking for clarification as to why you are looking for a comparison or connection.

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It is just a conversation topic that came up. I was thinking along these lines:
Contracepted sex is wrong, in part, because it takes away the life giving aspect of sex.
Homosexual sex also denies the life giving aspect of sex and therefore is wrong.

I was talking to people who agree with contraception but not homosexuality and was trying to show that they have a common “wrongness”. Does that make sense?


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head… I can’t see many other ways that they’re alike, sin-wise. Homosexual ‘sex’ is also disordered, because of the disordered desires, and they’re essentially trying to get two pegs to fit together, or two holes. (not trying to be explicit, just using an example…) It just doesn’t work. Male homosexual ‘sex’ is especially dangerous, because the substituted body parts aren’t meant for that sort of use.


Well the two have similarities and differences.

They are similar in that they are both perversions of sex.

They are different in that a homosexual couple also commits the sin of fornication because they can’t be married. Whereas a married couple could commit only the sin of contraception.

They are similar in that they are both grave sins resulting in the same condemnation.


Let’s see…

Adam & Eve, (with a condom)… Tab “A” will still fit Slot “B” just like the directions say, but the project can’t be finished due to DENIAL of 1/2 of the necessary materials…

Adam & Steve… Tab “A” cannot fit into Tab “B”… There is no Slot “B”, only Tab “B”… the project cannot completed due to ABSENCE of 1/2 of the necessary materials…



A good book discussing both is “The Good News About Sex and Marriage” by Christopher West. He discusses it much more coherently than I can :). (Condensation of JPII’s Theology of the Body)

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I think that they are both sinful for the same reason, and that is that they strip the sacrficial aspect of love away from the pleasure received from sexual intimacy. That changes the very nature of the act from being a reflection of true love to being one based more on desire. Desire can be a component of both love and of lust. The difference though is that love is sacrificial and in love desire seeks to give pleasure as much as it does to receive pleasure. The love between a husband and a wife can also give life, and as we all know, being parents really is all about sacrifice. Couples who practice NFP, as opposed to couples who contracept, also learn about the sacrifice that is involved with love and desire. It is sacrifice that purifies love. I think because contraceptive and homosexual intimacy do not involve these elements of sacrifice, they tend to taint love with too much of an emphasis on pleasure and desire. Unfortunately, desire, unlike love, leaves its object consumed, used up. I think they are both imposters of something that it is truly good and pleasing to God, and they both seek to deceive and lead people away from God and what he has planned for us.

It would seem that homosexual sex is further removed from God’s plan than is contraceptive sex. It would seem that homosexual sex is different in kind from procreative sex and that contraceptive sex is just different in degree. I am not certain that this is really true though because it seems like procreative marital sex is actually pleasing to God, that he is present in the marital embrace; however, it does not seem possible that something like contraceptive sex, which is a sin, could be different only in degree from something that is pleasing to God. I think rather that contraceptive sex is related to homosexual sex, being that they are both sins and separate us from God, and that these are two sins that are of the same kind, separated only by degree. A sin is a sin, and sin always separates us from God. It just seems like some sins are rather big and make it too hard to get back to where we need to be. Going from contraceptive marital sex to procreative marital sex is a much smaller leap than from homosexual sex to procreative marital sex or celibacy.


And what an AWESOME book it is :slight_smile:

Links for anyone interested:

Christopher West’s website link to Good News


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