Question regarding Sunday Mass attendance

I have lately been thinking that I should return to Sunday Mass.

Allow me to give some background. For many years both my wife and I attended Mass on Saturday evening. I understand the vigil Mass was established for those occasions when it would not be possible to get to Mass on Sunday. Sunday Mass was still encouraged.

Both our careers stretched decades and very often required us to work on Sunday. We both felt very fortunate to be able to worship on Saturday, although we weren’t crazy about working on Sunday, we at least felt able to keep the requirement of weekly Mass.

Present day and here we are both retired and yet we have become so comfortable with the Saturday Vigil we are still attending. Our Church is very small and when I look at the numbers at Mass on Saturday evening it seems that about 1/3 of the Parish is there.

My question is, “Would it be acceptable to continue with the Vigil Mass knowing there was not a very good reason for not going Sunday?”



Canon Law doesn’t distinguish between Sat evening and Sunday as far as preference. Furthermore, JPII stated that Vespers begins the “dominici dies” or the Lord’s Day.

Thanks for the reply.
My wife has become very comfortable with attending the Vigil Mass. It would be good for her if we continued our practice as it was.
I was merely thinking that Sunday was preferable except under extraordinary circumstance.

Plus, (just pretend) if enough people didn’t attend the Saturday evening Vigil, if might have to be cancelled. Thus depriving the people for whom that is the only option…

Plus, you could also argue that by going to the Saturday evening Mass, you’re giving your Mass obligation priority by making it the first thing you do for Saturday night/Sunday! (I admit being a bit facetious here but homing you understand what I mean!)

Just a suggestion - attending Mass on Sunday puts you in touch with other members of your parish. We all become comfortable with a certain pattern, but there can be something to be gained by associating with a wider circle of Catholics. Too often, we see “parish” as that circle of people we have become acquainted with.

So, an occasional Sunday Mass would be a good way of meeting others who share our faith.

Not sure I understand. Does the Church require a minimum number (like a Jewish minion) before Mass can be said?

Well, they have to look at the economics, I would think. Many parishes have cut back on the number of Masses due to the lower number of priests available, collection plates, etc. And if there is a growing number of hispanics or Poles in the area, the bishop may assign priests to say Masses in Spanish or Polish for them.

What I meant was, Masses outside of “usual times” may end up being cancelled due to lack of participation.

For example, my Church has a 6:00 pm Sunday evening Mass (predicated upon enough people that wanted it - small city, many people (out of necessity work during the day on Sunday, tourism, agriculture, etc.) that I would normally not attend. However, it might be necessary (in the future) for me to do so and if there wasn’t already enough of a demand, it might be cancelled.

And I greatly appreciate my diocese (that is a ten hour drive from one end to the other), still makes an effort to accommodate everyone who would like to participate in Mass.

You do not require a good or in fact any reason to attend Saturday evening Mass instead of attending on Sunday. Both fulfill your obligation.

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