Question regarding the Sacrament of Reconciliation


I went to confession today, yet after I left I realized that I had forgotten to recite the Act of Contrition before receiving absolution. This was a complete accident, but does this error effect the absolution received or the effect of the sacrament in general?

Thanks in advance for anyone that replies!


No, not as far as I know- but I’m surprised that the priest didn’t say anything. I forgot last time I went and had to be prompted.


It’s required that you be sorry for your sins. There is no requirement that you recite an act of contrition, though it is a common way of expressing your sorrow. If you don’t do it during confession and would like to recite it later, you may.


were you asked to? it is not a requirement. It is optional.


I’ve been told many times in confession to pray an Act of Contrition after leaving the confessional. Is doesn’t need to be done during the course of the confession. One priest even simply asked a yes/no question: “Are you sorry for your sins?”


The first time I had a Confession with no Act of Contrition I figured it was probably valid. (Think I did some digging to doublecheck that.) And when I asked a priest I my next Confession, he confirmed it was valid. So yeah, your Confession was valid,


My priest is always in a hurry and asks us to say it outside after Confession.


And sometimes we have been asked to say it before Confession . :smiley:

Often I express my sorrow in my own words at the end of the confessing of the sins .


Yes you r right about it


Usually the Priest hears the Act of Contrition before giving absolution.
If the Priest absolved you of your sins then you are absolved.


The priest will usually prompt you to say it, but if you expressed or gave the impression that you were sorry for your sins then that’s good enough - the Act of Contrition in prayer form is not a requirement.


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