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I was wondering, what are angels, really? Is there any proof that they have ever visited us, excepting the Bible? Please don’t mention anything is written there. I’ve seen a lot of people that said they can communicate with them.


Well, I have never met one to tell you so. Trust everything you experience (unless you’re schizophrenic) and don’t always believe others to say the truth. Now…
Ehehe, why angels especially? Demons seem more interesting to me :wink: . Maybe because of those nice signs they have used in “contracts”. :extrahappy:


i believe i have had an experience with my guardian angel and i know someone that was in my RCIA class that feels she had an experience with St Michael the Archangel that was witnessed by another.
i truly believe that people experience them in their lives, as to what exactly they are in a scientific sense, i cant say.


Angels are beings of pure-spirit. They stand in the presence of God and praise Him and serve as messengers of God to humanity.

Peter Kreeft’s book “Angels and Demons: What Do We Really Know about Them?” gives a great overview regarding what the Church says about angels and why they are indeed real and relevant.


My daughter was 5 when she said she saw an angel in a blue dress and insisted it was not a dream. It didn’t move its lips and said do not be afraid.

So could it be an imagination of a child or a real thing?
Never know…where angels may tread…


I once encountered an angel about thirty-five years ago. When I was a desperate, 21-year-old agnostic, I closed my eyes and mentally prayed from my heart, “God, if you exist, please help me.” An angel came into the room, I was surrounded by a warm, golden light that was very calming, and the words, “I love you,” were repeatedly communicated to my mind. It was quite a wonderful experience. I completely lost track of time. Eventually, the angel departed, the light faded, and I returned to my senses. If that wasn’t enough, the cause of my desperation had also disappeared. Understandably, the experience left me with the conviction that God exists and loves us.


Thank you very much for your answers, also, in the meantime, I found this video : , do you think that they just let the whole world see them, since there was that security cam, or someone really took his time on that video and tried faking the video, which would be pretty difficult, like the uploader said?


Check out on youtube peter Kreeft on Angels and Demons he also wrote a book by the same name.


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