Question(s) about a "high church" procession

It’s not a Catholic service but I think many on a Catholic forum would be able to offer some knowledge.
I skipped the video to 1:17 if you plan on watching it. There’s a procession. You see a part of it in the preview below. What does it mean? Does it symbolize anything in particular?

What is your interest in this? I am not sure I understand. Is this an Anglican church? Did I miss something?

King’s College, Cambridge, I think.

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Other than it being a procession, what else do you want to know?

It represents a journey through this world (passing through the faithful in the pews) led by the Word of God (the Gospels) and the Crucifix to the foot of the altar where the sacrifice will eventually be re-presented. Sometimes it includes incense representing the prayers of the saints or candles representing the light of God which illuminates the Holy Way to the Kingdom of God. The procession ends with the priest’s entrance into the sanctuary, and the veneration of the altar. Likewise, our faith journey is to end in the presence of God, in the heavenly sanctuary.

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It is. It’s sad to hear the recent conductor recently passed away after a long career. I think that’s him in the video.

Just the details. Like what the candles are for, the cross and etc. I didn’t grow up with this kind of stuff. Never seen this stuff in person before. And spending a bit of time on CAF, I got to understand some things about Catholic theology better but never really realized how much ritual and detailed is involved in worship.

Thanks. It’s remarkable how much symbolism and thought is put into something so simple.

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It is a video on YouTube taken in 2005 in the chapel of King’s College, one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge. So, it will definitely be Anglican, indeed, more specifically the Church of England. It seems to me predictable what is happening. While the choir sang the priest went to the altar. I presume it is to say some prayers and/or give a blessing at the end. It says it was Carols at Kings but I would guess its their famous annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols broadcast live every Christmas Eve. Catholic or not it is very beautiful to listen to it. My wife and I do every year on Christmas Eve.

I would add to the above that it is not particularly ‘high church’. It is more standard Church of England cathedral-style worship. Although King’s College Chapel is not a cathedral its worship is similar in style.

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Oh, I am sorry. I recognized your username as a fairly regular poster here and just
assumed you were Catholic! My bad!!

I couldn’t understand why a Carholic or Anglican or high Episcopalian would be
asking this question about the procession.

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Anglicans don’t have a valid priesthood ergo they cannot offer the Sacrifice of the Altar i.e. Holy Mass/Divine Liturgy.

Agreed. I was describing it from a Roman Catholic perspective.

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