Question to aid my discernment

Hi all!

Well I am currently very committed to becoming a priest, but I just had a question that will help me better understand the marital vocation. I’m pretty sure being a priest is what God wants me to do, but I need to gain as much information as I can to make an honest discernment.

So this question is mostly for married people.

After a lifetime of associating sexual feelings with temptation and sin, how does a newlywed make the “switch” so to speak to understanding the marital act as holy? It’s just psychology, I know, but I want to hear some input so that I can be sure I am not choosing my vocation based on an illogical fear.

So if you can help me understand this personal issue, I would be deeply grateful!

I can’t comment on the second part (being single and all), but have you talked to someone about you discernment? A spiritual director? If you don’t have one, you should really get one to help guide you through your discernment. Your parish priest would probably be happy to help you out, or the diocesan vocations office could probably refer you to someone.

I hope you find your answers. :slight_smile:

I’m not married but I’m sure that sexual feelings are not unholy - only if you have sex outside marriage. You won’t be having sex because you will be a priest but I don’t think you should view married people having sex as unholy.

You may want to read Humanae Vitae. It isn’t too long of a document, and you’ll definitely gain more insight as to why the procreative act between a married man and women is so extremely important.

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