Question: What exactly is the 40 Hour Devotion?


Hi… I was wondering if someone can tell me what the 40 Hour Devotion is and if it does last 40 hours? When you explain, please do so in plain mans terms so us who doesnt understand , can do so. Also what is the purpose of this? Thank you. Georgia or Gigglin.:shrug:


I believe parishes were required at one time to have at least one 40 hours devotion a year. Some today still do, some have a 40 hours Devotion every month. Yes it lasts 40 hours! This devotion is the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for adoration on the altar. It begins here on sometime on Friday (first friday) after daily Mass. goes thru Friday night, Saturday, is interupted for Saturday evening Mass. Begins again after Mass thru Saturday night to just before Sunday morning Mass, a total of 40 hours minus the Mass times.


Is it like a 40 Hour Adoration??? I have never been to one so I dont know what it is all about. Do they sing or bring prayer books to pray in silence? What happens at one of these 40 Hour Devotions?


It varies in each parish. Part of the time people will just take turns spending time in silent adoration before the Blessed Sacrament.

In our parish we have a service each evening of 40 Hours with Evening Prayer from Liturgy of the Hours, a Scripture reading and homily with a guest preacher (kind of like a parish mission), and Benediction.

Our bishop requires each parish in our diocese to have 40 Hours once a year. Each church does it a little differently, but it’s a wonderful practice.


Thank you for all of your inputs on this. I think I am understanding what it means now. God Bless Yall & Mary Keep Yall. Georgia or Gigglin.


In my city, there’s only one parish that does the 40 Hours. It’s a Polish church-they do more ‘traditional’ things.

FYI-the term ‘40 Hours’ refers to the number of hours Our Lord was in the tomb. (It took me a long time to figure that out :rolleyes: :shrug: )


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