Question when not able to attend Mass

I help direct some chess tournaments. Coming up is one that’s going to take place over multiple days and by working it I know I won’t be able to make Mass on the Sunday of the tournament. (Starts early, ends late, and I won’t have my own transportation.) Now I understand from what I’ve read that due to valid reasons, it isn’t sinful to miss Mass that weekend.

My question then is if I need to ask a priest for a disspensation (I’m not really familiar with them or when they’re needed) or if I’m fine without one.

I think in a situation like you describe it is best to talk to your own pastor who knows you and can ask any clarifying questions he deems appropriate and can make the determination regarding a dispensation.

You will get a lot of answers here, none of which has any authority over you as your pastor does.

There are many variables that are pertinent and not fleshed out in your description.

Just give your pastor a call.

How far in advance would be appropriate to ask would you think then? The Sunday in queation will be mid-December.

Why can’t you attend Mass Saturday evening? That fulfills the Sunday obligation.

As per the first post, working the chess tournament means a long day on both Saturday and Sunday. In addition I won’t have my own means of transportation,

Ask you pastor about it this weeend.

Any recommendations on how to start the conversation? I’m a timid person when it comes to those I don’t know as well and all the starters I’ve thought of just seem bad.

You could uber yourself to a 5 pm Saturday Mass.

Or you can just say," Father, can I have a dispensation to facilitate people playing a game."

Just spit it out.
Trust me, your priest has heard waaaay more delicate questions than yours.

Some factors he would probably consider:
Is this necessary to your livelihood?
Is it absolutely unavoidable?
Is it going to be continual? (prolly need a different job)

This seems needlessly mean spirited. OP seems a little shy: no need to poke him.

OP, just ask. Trust me, this is not going to strike the priest as weird. “Hey Father, can I talk to you for a second?” Explain the situation. See what he says. Easy and painless.

I’m coming off wrong these days. It wasn’t meant to be mean spirited. I’m sure the priest will smile and grant the dispensation. I can’t imagine him not.

The op can’t be too shy of they are in a position of authority at a tournament.

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