I am relatively new to this forum – loving it by the way.

I see several references to “swam the Tiber.” What does that mean?:blush:



It’s a way of saying they converted. The Tiber River is in Rome. When a person puts something like “Tiber Swim Team 2008” it means that’s the year they came into the church. It kinds makes me wish I was a convert (or revert).:smiley:


That makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining. I am a revert so I think I’ll put that in my signature :slight_smile:



Well, we are all converts and reverts, even if we are cradle Catholics. it’s aconstant process. So, go ahead…Now, my mother raised me Catholic from the time I was born (1956) but my father wouldn’t allow his children to be baptized until 1962. So, my guess I am Tiber Swim Team, Junior Division, 1962.:wink:


I didn’t get that before. Now I can add it to mine. I swam the Tiber in 1995. :slight_smile:



Looks great! :thumbsup:


This will be my first Easter as a true Catholic!

swam Tiber in 07, still all wet :wink:


I’ll be able to add this to my signature Saturday night! I rarely get excited about anything, but this has really got me lit up! :smiley:


My wife and I swam it in 1998 and haven’t looked back. We both received the “grand slam” at the Easter Vigil (Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation)


I am a revert – grew up Catholic but fell away off and on until I decided two years ago to come back fulltime and have loved every minute of it. I almost wish I could go through the whole process again because you’re on such a spiritual high. It’s hard to keep that level of high up consistently.


Ain’t that something? Us, too. :smiley:


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