I sold a game to a store that was half broken in their trade in deal thing were they give you a store credit. The lady didn’t check to see if it was scratched. But I feel bad about this and don’t want to ever do this again. Was this a sin?

Go tell her the truth. Give the money back. Apologise. Ere you confess the sin clean it up. Then confess. And never ever again.

What if it was like 6 months ago

The thing that I am confused about is that they probably would have resurfaced it and sold it

Take the infalation where you are into account.
As for resurfacing, they haven’t done it with magic, have they? Some drudge must have been doing it, so?

They probably have forgotten about you.

what does that mean?:confused:

So what should I do then?
Thanks for the help by the way:o

If it still eats your brain go and clarify the things. What game was it? Fun or no?

my xbox 360 carved the game (it one of its many problems) so I thought I would try to sell it off. but know I feel bad about it

February? Winter testing season… And now we’re in the middle of a fantastic drama-filled and thrilling F1 season. Hope Lewis will do it this year!

What sort of games were you playing?

If you look at Joe Browns posting history, you would see he is clearing suffering from scruples. He also exhibits symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. (Although that is for a doctor to decide)

The best thing for him to do now it just forget about it. Never do it again.

You wouldn’t feel guilty if it wasn’t a sin.

Live and learn. Go to confession, and never do something like that again. Chalk it up to a learning experience.

You’re on the right track if you feel guilty over this. It means you know right from wrong and since you chose wrong and it’s eating you up and you don’t like the feeling - well you will remember it the next time a similar situation arises and you will be able to make a better decision.

You can’t change the past, but you have control over what you do in the future.

Go to Confession (if you haven’t already) and move on.

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