The Feast of the Annunciation is March 25th. I find this info thou,

*Normally, Annunciation would fall on Sunday, March 25, 2012. However, since that is the Fifth Sunday of Lent 2012, the celebration of Annunciation 2012 is transferred to the following day, Monday, March 26, 2012. *

I generally go to the Saturday Mass. But I have a very strong devotion toward The Blessed Virgin Mary. The whole Annunciation thing with the angel Gabriel, then with Elizabeth and John The Baptist just excites me. So my question is would you go to mass Sunday the 25th.? Or Monday the 26th.? Or would you go both days? Or if Monday the 26th., go to Saturday mass, then Monday?

I don’t have anything better to do then to think about these things. But I do want to get it right!


I enjoy attending daily Mass. Eucharist brings great blessings to my life. If your schedule allows, why not attend Mass as frequent as you can?:slight_smile:

If you wish to attend a Mass celebrating the Liturgy of the Annunciation you would need to go on the 26th which is the date of the feast this year …

Go as often as you can!:thumbsup:

Or go Saturday and Sunday.


Thank You All! I will go to 8:30 Mass Sunday, and 10 am mass on Monday.

God Bless You All

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