I have a Catholic friend who I think is going to vote for Obama. Should I tell her that it’s a sin to vote for a candidate who supports abortion and gay “marriage”?

And if I don’t tell her, would I have committed a sin for not telling her?

Send her to
and leave it at that.

I agree Obama had been brutal on basic Christian beliefs and liberty. But I am not sure voting for him is a sin.

I think it has been stated by a couple of cardinals and or bishops that voting for someone who promotes abortion and euthanasia is a sin. Personally, I equate this with a person who would have voted for the liquidation and extermination of "unworthy’ people in Nazi Germany.

There’s an old saying regarding WWII…First they came for the mentally ill and disabled, then they came for the elderly, then they came for the politically savy, the “misfits”, the religious, the Jews, and I did nothing. And when they finally came for me, there was no one left to help.

The persecution has already started with the HHS mandate. Apparently, there’s a resolution in MA regarding euthanasia which Victoria Kennedy is arguing against. If you listen carefully and read between the lines, I think a majority of bishops and priests are anticipating the worst if Obama and his policies aren’t stopped now. I think they can visualize themselves going to jail and many lay persons with them.

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