I am quite scrupulous and often make promises to God (can usually be ridiculous) and I do not remember if I made one. I cannot remember if I promised to watch Comedy Central would it be a sin to watch it?


You need to contact your pastor, make an appointment, and deal with your compulsive thoughts. If he recommends a mental health evaluation, you need to follow his instructions.


OCD is a medical condition not a moral question which a Priest can help with. Why does everyone keep telling them to contact a Priest?


I have struggled with scruples in the past and have found this resource helpful:

Also, go to confession with your pastor. Explain to him all of your questions and scruples. Make a vow to God to obey any instruction your confessor gives you (you can do this on your own, but it may be best to ask him about it first.) In obeying him you are sure not to commit any sin.


It has been said elsewhere on these forae: the internet is not the place someone with problems with scrupulosity should be. They should be working one-on-one with a confessor, stick to the confessor, and follow absolutely what the confessor says. And they should refrain from asking civilians questions about morality; we are not equipped to deal with the special burden that people with scrupulosity bear.


Because scrupulosity is not the same thing as OCD. There may be interlinks, but they are not identical; and people with either problem (or both) need to work with a professional.


I have had the same problem very often.
Once with a confessor/spiritual advisor (he has moved away) we made the agreement that my maybe-promises don’t count unless I make an official promise with him present, That helped me so much. maybe you can ask your confessor to make an agreement like that with you?


ok maybe this will help you also once a priest, when i asked him a similar question, said that if I wasn’t sure then I was free.

I remember another priest even longer ago telling me that such things that just pop into my head without really overthinking them are not promises, a promise is something that is made consciously.

I am scrupulous myself so now I feel a little bit scrupulous about writing you this, because it may have been different circumstances, etc etc… :wink:


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