I don’t pray with words. I never have been able to.

But when people ask me to pray for them or like on here there are prayer requests that I would like to respond to how do I without words? I very rarely ask in return because it feels bad to since I can’t pray for them in the way they expect:shrug:

I do pray by being aware of the Presence of God, by being in His Presence. It that simple. But intecessionary prayer and words are a loss but how can i let them know when prayers are asked for?

If you agree to pray for someone, you should do it.

For Christians, all of our liturgies contain prayer using words. If you are a Christian, you can create a personal prayer using one of the prayers from your respective faith tradition’s church service as a template.

Just having the desire for the welfare of another person in your heart while in the presence of God is enough.

God knows the heart and words are not necessary.


If you are meaning that you pray in your head instead of out loud, this is fine.

If you can speak to people you know with words, you can certainly pray a short prayer with words (such as “Lord have mercy on [name].”) and then continue to pray without words. Problem solved. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I believe in Christ for better for worse but I do believe in Him. Not that alone makes me a Christian. But I won’t go down that route either having managed to stop me questioning that route well before.

I go to Church and respect faiths traditions etc and hence got sought out help from the priest who shown me this way which is perfect for me. I very rarely if I can help it, actually agree to pray for someone. One friend simply text and I always text back when had done though felt throughly fake because on one hand I had prayed but kind of prayers that wasn’t me. The way I been shown how to pray doesn’t convey words and doesn’t let me let them know.

The Church Service for me - I take an active part in and that is my way of pray in that. The Priest knows. Whether he understands I don’t know but he knows. Not all of us can do the worded prayer stuff but that doesn’t make us non Christian.

But it how to respond to requests without being rude :thumbsup:

I speak to people yes but very few know how I feel good or bad because being high functioning aspergers some things don’t come out verbally. I rely on actions and email a willingness of understanding. I have only recently found out am aspergers by the way. This may account for why worded prayer is something i never been able to do.
In the service I take a very active part. Serving counts as my prayer as being in the choir. When am singing it ok but the verbal parts I no longer say though did do but parrot fashion. I now dont though it still feels like am on strike which am not. I am learning that being there is enough and hoping God understands. The Priest seems to accept it enough as he knows what happening…He knows how I pray as he has shown me. Other priests has tried but he reached me where others have not. I am not new to this in that I am now in my mid 40s and been going to church since 15 year old. But I always knew something was missing and didn’t know how to reach it and three times I asked how to pray. The very first priest gave perfectly correct answer but style I couldn’t do. At 15/6 years old I didn’t know how to ask more. At 38 years old I asked again, another priest who started me on the route am now on, I can see that now. But didn’t quite get me there as this current priest did when I asked at age 43 at a desperate attempt of he saved my faith at same time as reaching out in the way I needed to be shown.
But On here though one needs words to say so but I don’t want to write the prayers I can’t say as that feel hypocrit. Though just worked out I can use smilies and I guess that goes for any text and my friend will soon learn what they will mean. In Church I don’t need words as I say as am actively in the service and hope the ‘on strike’ feeling will go in time. It is actually easier the weeks am serving because only one person next to me and feel less conscious about not saying the words because the weeks I been singing I looked quite closely as such to see if anyone could tell if they are saying the words or not. I couldn’t tell and know I need prove nothing to the Priest. In the choir I feel like that the two members at either side of me must be thinking why am I not… I am but in my own way of joining in.

Ah, I see what you mean. I have Aspergers as well and I have hard times verbalizing with words myself. Prayer is prayer. People born deaf don’t use words either. As long as you are praying in your own form, don’t worry about explaining it to people. Just say something like, “Prayers offered.” Prayer is prayer no matter how you communicate with God. :slight_smile:

On here if you wish to reply simply say “praying”…That is sufficient to the purpose.


It is enough to make the intention mentally that when you enter into prayer, you are offering your prayers for the intentions of those for whom you have promised to pray.

Could you visualize that person in the presence of God, receiving what they need?

Some people are better at non-verbal communication such as those with Autism or Aspergers. Imagine someone born deaf communicating with God (they would not be using actual words). :slight_smile:

I agree. I don’t think that God necessarily waits for our words. He knows our hearts above all.

Pray as you pray. You can also say, “I will keep you in my prayers.” That does not mean you are actually saying verbal prayers, but you are keeping the person’s intentions in your thoughts as you regularly pray. :blush:

As others have said, I think God understands our prayers in whatever form they come: in any language, in images, in tears without words, and no doubt many other ways, too.

God created us and He knows us: mind, heart, and soul. He understands any form of communication that we can imagine.

Here are two things that I hope will give you comfort about prayer:

26In the same way, the Spirit too comes to the aid of our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but the Spirit itself intercedes with **inexpressible groanings. **

27And the one who searches hearts knows what is the intention of the Spirit, because it intercedes for the holy ones according to God’s will.

– Romans 8:26-17

Secondly, some of the very best advice I was ever given on prayer:

“Pray as you can, not as you can’t.”

In other words, instead of beating yourself up because you don’t pray in a certain way … JUST PRAY :smiley:


The greatest prayer you could offer for someone is the Mass and Holy Communion.

If you go to Mass and Communion, then just include them in your intentions.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

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