Yes I realize im scrupulous but please answer me as it really bothers me. I have a debt to pay back and I was going to wait until next week to do it. So I felt anxiety and I promised to God that I would do it next week and not tomorrow and I told God to punish me various ways if I did. But later I felt like God was punishing me for waiting so I contradicted myself and told God i would do it tomorrow and to punish me if I didn’t. So is it ok to do it tomorrow even though it is not my original promise. Please don’t tell me to speak to a spiritual director edc I’m aware i have a problem it is just really bothering me. Also will Godpunish me if I do it tomorrow.

you need professional help. PLEASE get help. We cannot help you here, we are not your pastor or your mental health professional.

God will not punish you for your compulsive thoughts and promises. This is an illnesss that needs treatment.

But it was not compulsive when I made the promises.

But I was not compulsive when I made the promises.

Justin, you cannot see your behavior for what it is. You need to get professional help.

So God won’t punishing me for breaking his promise?

You better quit trying to make deals with God!

Justin, I’ve been in your shoes ( 40+ years ago) and there is a way out. Time, prayer and healing are the keys as well as pro help. Remember what Martin Luther’s confessor said to him: Why are you mad with God? He’s not mad at you! Being scrupulous will only drag you down. Work on it.

No. But get it done. And be careful in the future to be scrupulously honest in everthing you do.


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