Been trying really hard to overcome sins of impurity and i think ive finally done it.

But just wondering, is it a sin to think about women and get aroused, or see a picture of a scantly clad women and stare at it for a few seconds, (not porn). i find when i go to sleep i dream and fantasize about these things.

Is it mortally sinful to get an erection.

If it is done with full consent, etc., then it is a mortal sin.

However, if you receive temptation, and try to brush it off, it is sinful.

Sin if you do it with intention, not sin if you just happen to see a picture with a nude woman.

And is a erection sin? Hmm…in my mind not, we men do have, I did hear this somewhere, around ten erections during one night of sleep. So a erection is something we can not control, but we can control what we do, and if something we do give us an erection it is a sin, but that area is so gray that it is very hard to say a definite “yes” or “no”. And it depend on the person as well. I can watch porn and it will not affect me at all, but a sexy face I may see can easily bring thoughts I should not think about to my mind. (I do not watch porn because it is wrong, I only say it does not affect me in any way.) Bottom line though, what we don’t do with intention can’t be a sin.

Just to add to the replies above…

The thing that you are dealing with here is called by some saints the “affection for sin”.
As the name implies, while we recognize that something is sinful - and while we struggle to avoid that sin - because the Church teaches us so - there can be a period of time where we have not truly learned to hate that sin.
This is not at all uncommon.

Now - as you move forward and you learn to “hate” the sin, you will come more and more to hate that which leads to the sin. That includes fantasies.

But - as others have pointed out, unintended thoughts or stimuli that is not sought out or embraced and pondered on is not sinful.


Do you mean: “However, if you receive temptation, and try to brush it off, it is not sinful.”

If so, then I agree. :slight_smile:

Yes, that is what I meant. It is a typo. :o

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