Will God punish me if I asked him to do something bad to me/ punish me a specific way if I had a compulsive thought in a certain period and I did but after I asked him not to. Yes I realize I have OCD and am working on it and I guess I just need reassurance


Hi Thankatroop12,

I am so sorry for your struggles.

You don’t need to ask God to punish you. God loves you. He already understands you, and what you are struggling with. Please try not to be so hard on yourself.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Don’t be so hard on yourself… God gives what you need,not what you want…

Just be yourself ,don’t become obsessed with your faults because there not that bad…

Enjoy your life,,say a couple of prays for your good fortune in life,,,

And leave the rest to God… God is always with you,


I think you’ll be okay, but are you currently in treatment for the OCD? I heard it’s usually quite treatable with medication. In fact, a counselor once told me it’s one of the easiest conditions to treat, actually, comparatively, anyway.

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