Will God punish me if I break a promise I made with him by asking him not to have something happen if I don’t commit a mortal sin and I commit it. Yes I know I need to go to confession.

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With what you’ve described, I would definitely talk to your Priest/Spiritual Director about this. He will know what you will need/should do.

You can’t make a deal with God, because God doesn’t want you or love you (or to forgive) based solely on some man-made pact. He wants you because you are you, a person created in his image. Few have ever successfully “dealt” with God… Abraham, Moses.

Will you be punished for “making a deal”? I doubt it. There was never a deal in the first place.

You will most certainly be held to count for your sins. You are right, you do need to go to confession. We all do.

If you had a little sister, and she made a promise to you but was unable to keep it - what would you say to her?

Having a little sister myself, I always say, “Well, it’s alright.” Sometimes, we can’t keep promises we’ve made for certain reasons.

In April of 2009 I suffered through an illness with pain that only a torture victim could relate to. During this time, I made promises that only a saint could fulfill , if only he would take the pain away. Needless to say, I was not able to keep all these promises.

God knows of our suffering, and knows while we are suffering we will promise almost anything, if only he would take the pain away. This is human nature. The gift we have as Catholics is to confess and plead for mercy when we error. Truly God knows far more about us then we do about ourselves.

Confess your sins and you will find relief and forgiveness. Pray the Rosary every day and you will experience a balm that will hold you to your next confession. Yes, as Catholics, we are held to a higher standard than most, but the flip side to that is we are given tools that most never have access to.

Use the tools and sacraments and be at peace.


Never know-He chastises those He loves. But we often punish ourselves more than He ever would; and what we do know for certain is that He forgives: lavishly, continously.

Making Deals doesn’t really work… God Gives you what you need ,not what you want…

Bit Harsh perhaps… but thats the way it is… you can pray and beg whatever you want and get nowhere… just be yourself,pray in thanks that you have the life you have, and whatever you need to survive will be provided for you… anything after that…you need to work for,

All that I have ever heard/read is that we are not to make deals with God. “God, if you allow me to win the lottery, I will give 20% to the Church.” It does not work that way. God’s plan for us is not based on deal making.

We pray for God’s will in our life. Not try to make deals to make God’s will = our desires.

As the saying goes…“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

There is your answer; you must answer yourself as you would answer your little sister. This is called compassion :slight_smile:

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