this was a question that was put to me by a non-christian-
she said that adam and eve were the first man and wife.
they had 2 children- cain and abel and later another son.
the sons then got married to other women.
Where did these women come from? as the bible does not speak of god creating more people


They were their sisters. Not all the children of Adam and Eve are mentioned by name. Initially marriage to siblings was allowed for obvious reasons, but later forbidden (one theory I heard on this was the corruption of the gene pool due to original sin). All human beings are descended from the same two parents, Adam and Eve.


Cain, Abel and Seth are the only children of Adam and Eve mentioned by name in the Bible. However, Adam and Eve had other sons and daughters as well:The days of Adam after he became the father of Seth were eight hundred years; and he had other sons and daughters. (Genesis 5:4)
Presumably, God permitted the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve to marry each other until the human population was sufficiently large enough to make such marriages between individuals so closely related unnecessary. It seems that marriages between individuals so closely related were permitted until the Mosaic Law was given. For example, Abraham married his half-sister, Sarah. (Genesis 20:12)


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