is Blasphemy a sin for an atheist, as he does not belive in God?

Yes. God has not given anyone permission to sin, not even people who don’t believe in Him.

If an ant does not believe in human beings and is crawling on a rail, will it make its end any different when a train comes along?

What i mean is, if an atheist does not know God, nor belive in him who is he blaspheoming against? Therefore the atheist does not have ‘full knowledge’ does this make sence :confused:

The atheists that I know of intentionally reject the existence of God.

I’m not sure that disbelief by intentional rejection would qualify as a lack of “full knowledge”. Most atheists seem to think of themselves as “enlightened”, or smarter for not believing in God.

IMO, blasphemy against God is a sin regardless of whether you think he’s there or not. Kind of like the guy in the movie (I know there have been many, but I can’t think of any offhand) that badmouths someone, then stops and says;

“He’s right behind me isn’t he?”:eek:


If an atheist sincerely believed in his atheism - and I don’t know if a truly sincere atheist exists - then perhaps the sin would indeed be venial (lack of “full” knowledge on the subject).

I think this is covered in Natural Law, so the atheist does know God. The atheist denies God thus elevating himself to Number 1. The good news is the atheist does not expect to go to heaven so he achieves his beliefs!

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