Questioning more children


My husband and I are both Catholic, though at the moment he says he is doubting God and feels more like and Agnostic or a Deist. He isn’t sure what he’s going to do concerning his faith. We have 2 children already, so my question is as long as he doesn’t know what he is or if he chooses to leave the faith, should we continue to have children? I feel overwhelmed at the idea of trying to raise our two children in the faith by myself. Of course I will do my best, but I know it won’t be easy, if he really does leave the Church. I feel like it would be unwise to have any additional children, but I don’t know if that’s just my fear taking over, or if it’s a valid reason to stop. Any advice?


Whether or not your husband leaves the church should not sway your decision to sin or not. As long as you are using NFP there is nothing wrong. But even if your husband leaves the church, come judgement day you will have to answer if you use ACB



I would definitely keep using NFP. I just wanted to be sure it is a legitimate reason to continue to use it to prevent a pregnancy.


There are two key elements to using NFP:

a) Applying sound judgement as to whether we should avoid pregnancy for now
b) Still being open to God’s plan for us.

It sounds like both of these apply to you, so I wouldn’t be concerned about it. It sounds like you have enough to worry about without second-guessing your use of NFP right now.

Many people go through a crisis of faith. You won’t find many saints who haven’t. This is a hard road for you, but please spend you focus and energy in prayers for you husband, rather than concerns over whether your use of NFP is justified. Trust that God loves your husband and will never abandon him, and just try to love your husband as best you can - it is often through our families that God’s love is shown most clearly to us.

God bless.


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