Questioning my calling?

Hello everyone, I am Joel. I have been discerning a vocation to the Latin Rite Priesthood for about a year, ever since I returned to the Church after a three year absence due to various issues within my family. I would like to, as I am always obligated, remind everyone that I know I am not “entitled” to the priesthood and I of course know that it is up to God.

I feel sad, It seems that many people try to turn me down when I say that I feel a calling to the priesthood, even if I state that I know it is up to God, they seem to get mad and lecture me on how it’s not up to me, even if I know that. Honestly, I think it has made me rethink everything. Now I honestly am back to the start in discernment because everyone made me feel like I was wrong in thinking I had a call to the priesthood. :confused: I don’t mean to sound stuck-up or anything. I don’t want to seem angry, I’m not. I’m just really confused. I want someone to talk to who can help me? :frowning:

You need a spiritual advisor who can help you discern your call to the priesthood. Call and make an appointment with your parish priest and ask if he can do it, or if he can recommend someone to help you.

Most - if not all - diocese (or archdiocese) have a vocations director. Call your local diocese and see if you can get the number for the vocations director - I’m sure that they would be thrilled to help you!


Your only questioning your discernment because people are telling you, well God has not let these “people” in on his plan for you" its between you and HIM, go either on a Seminar Retreat for a week end to see what the Lord’s plans are for you PLUS get yourself a Spiritual Director AND STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHAT DO THEY KNOW - NOTHING- plus the Devil has the way of influencing people , the Devil does not want another priest so hence all the nonsense you have been hearing, the Spiritual Director will have a good idea, and as I said see what Order attracts you and ask them to go on a few Spiritual Weekends with them to discern.

May Our Lady’s shawl be around your shoulders always. And from me I say Go For it.

Hi Joel.

I too am a discerner… diocesan priesthood. I can relate to your troubles. With the scandals that occur and the uniqueness of the life style people can have difficulty accepting someone could be called to it. Especially if people are not passionate about the Church, the idea of a man becoming a priest could seem unfathomable to them.
Just remember that priesthood is a very serious and amazing commission from our Lord. Just as He chose His original 12, we too must stay focused on Him, drop what we are doing, leave our old lives behind, and follow Him. No matter what vocation He leads you to STAY FOCUSED ON HIM!

Know that I am praying for you and be sure to stay in prayer yourself!
May the Lord bless you,


Hi Joel,

I’m another fellow discerner, Diocesan Priesthood. Remember it doesn’t matter what other people say. I know that’s easy to say, but don’t get discouraged. In the end this is a decision between you & the Lord, & HE is the one who will show you the right way. All of us who are discerning have the same or similar problems, so you’re not alone my Brother. Keep strong in prayer, frequent Mass & Confession. Also, find a good priest as a Spiritual Director who you feel comfortable with. Don’t worry when doubts come, because we all have them too. To quote Pope John Paul II, DO NOT BE AFRAID! Take a look at the Vocations video “Fishers of Men” on YouTube. That helps me a lot. Stay strong & be assured of my prayers. God Bless.

Your Brother in Christ,

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