Questioning my faith


Recently - last evening, actually, I received some news that completely uprooted everything I thought I believed in. I found that the SSPX and SSPV churches are considered illicit and unlawful.
I am 15 years old. I grew up with Catholicism until I was 8 years old, within the SSPX church. I was baptized within the SSPX church, I received my first confession and first communion there. I attended mass weekly there for over 8 years starting from birth. I was not aware that any Catholic church was different from that one until 7 years later when I decided I wanted to be Catholic again. I began attending a Novus ordo church within the area, completely unaware that anyone would consider ANY Catholic church to be invalid. I still did, though, prefer the old SSPX church because I learned everything I know about Catholicism there.
Yesterday I attended a mass there with family. I liked it a lot. In my opinion, the Novus Ordo church was nice, but so big and loud. I loved the quiet solemnity of my little old SSPX church, and I was still unaware that there was any real difference between the churches other than a few aesthetics.

Then by some chance, I looked it up, and found the truth about it. Now I’m not sure at all where to go anymore. My entire extended family belongs to the SSPV church, my immediate family once did too. I learned all my catechism from SSPX and SSPV. It sounds so logical that a church not in communion with the Holy See is one to avoid, but it’s just not that easy. Even now, attending a Novus Ordo church, I had always planned that once I have a driver’s license I would begin regularly driving back up to my old SSPX church. I have so many childhood and family attachments to that church, I can’t just severe myself from it all at once.

Now, I can’t believe it, but I am almost considering whether or not I really want to remain Catholic. I thought I could trust the Catholic Church. I thought this was the unmovable, one true Church that was build on a rock two thousand years ago. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that what I had thought was a universal church was really just an illicit faction off to the side of the real church. How do I know what is the real church? I had thought SSPX was the real church. And now it’s not? How on earth can that happen? I just have no idea any more.

I’m thinking that maybe next Sunday I’ll see if I can talk to the priest at my current “modern” parish. I’m 99% sure that I will not leave the church. But that little 1% hasn’t made an appearance in quite a while. I don’t know where to go. I feel caught in between the “lawful” modern catholic church and the “illicit” SSPX faction, and I just can’t step to one side or the other.


I hope this thread does not turn ugly but can I ask what you learned at the SSPX Church that would not be true in a Church in full communion?


From what I’ve heard, the main issue is that SSPX believed that the new order mass is invalid, and that is an issue because taking a problem with Novus Ordo is taking a problem with the mainstream way of worship for the church and things turn bad.
And what I’m asking here is, who is correct?


Another question would be is there a EF Mass offered by your diocese? That may be where you find an easier transition.


OP- Do you know about the FSSP?


If the SSPX chapel you were in taught this they are incorrect. Most of the leadership of the SSPX Mass have conceded the validity of the OF, but are inclined to preach against it because it can be abused.

I don’t think it is the official position of the society that it is “invalid”

( I could be wrong as they can say some pretty out there stuff.)

IF I recall correctly during the time when it looked like there would be a reconciliation Fellay was not disputing the validity, only that he did not want the society to take part in the OF.

Who do you think is correct? This is a Catholic site.:shrug:


I don’t see this as a faith problem. You have plenty of faith. You just don’t know where you are to go now, and are questioning the church. Having doubts is normal. My suggestion, and that,s all it is, is to go to another Catholic church and talk with the priest. Make sure it’s a Church that is in line with Rome. SSPX broke away due to Vatican 2. They don’t recognize any of the Popes since then and don’t accept the changes.


That is not entirely true Christy Beth. They do recognize all of the modern Popes. They are not sedevacantists.

We are talking to a confused teen here. Lets keep it factual.


Look at the FSSP they have a lot of priests in a lot of parishes and celebrate Mass before the Novus Ordo(Tridentine Rite) saying that the Novus Ordo can be celebrated in a very Holy, way by a very Holy priest, and one can be equally moved. Pope Benedict put both rites on equal footing, which is great.

Have peace of mind, The Holy Father is guided by the Holy Spirit, obedience is better than sacrifice.


In his Introduction to Christianity, later to become Pope Benedict XVI, the author says that we cannot make our own meaning, it has to be received. I suggest to be open to the Law of the living Tradition to instruct you in which you pursue, and let grace assist you with the right meaning. Consider what is lawful, remember, as it is said in over three places in scripture, “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom”.


As far as “leaving”, I hope you remain with your 99% thought of staying. You won’t find anything outside the Roman Catholic Church you can’t find within it. Particularly since you enjoy the Latin Mass, most anything outside, will have less depth and meaning than you are used to.

Secondly, it sounds like you are going through a natural process of questioning. The end result will most likely be your faith will become your own, not just your parents faith handed down. This is a good thing.

Keep up the good work.


It is constantly amazing to me, the help God gives us when we are in need. I am most certainly remaining Catholic. I don’t know how I could do anything else. I will continue going to my current modern catholic parish. I find now that in fact there is an FSSP church nearby, I will certainly see about attending when I have a driver’s license. I think that will be nice.

I think I will talk to a priest about exactly what SSPX is all about, because there seem to be varying information on here. In the meantime…I have been attending Novus Ordo mass anyways, and I am relatively happy with it.

Thank you all for the help. I hope that someday the church will find itself reunified in peace.


I understand you completely brother. But the main reason why the Holy Catholic Church views SSPX as invalid is due to the fact that they are a separate branch. Much like the protestants the SSPX have laid the claim that the Church founded by Christ has fallen into Apostasy. SSPX have also laid claim that Vatican II was not guided by the Holy Spirit, but that it was held do to a secret power struggle. They go as far to say that it was held by the inspiration of Satan. The Roman Catholic has asked repeatedly that they return along with the Orthodox, Protestants, Old Catholics ect. Now SSPX claims that they follow the Truth and sacred tradition, Ratzinger responded with the theological book, The Fundamentals of The Catholic Faith. I recommend it. SSPX have laid claim that Vatican II de-crowns Jesus Christ as King. The list on their objections goes on for quite a while, but we must understand that we must follow the Holy Catholic church. Revelation tells us repeatedly. " What shall be loosened on Earth will be loosened in Heaven, and what shall be bound on Earth shall be bounded in Heaven. "


While a few things you say are true. Most are not. The SSPX as a society do not profess what you claim. A few individuals might.

While I pray for the SSPX to come into full communion with the faith and I wish that they could see that being inside is much better than being outside. I think we at least owe them as Christian Brethren and fellow Catholics (albeit irregular ones) the same respect and dignity we would extend to anyone else. Which includes not defaming them or misrepresenting their position.

I have not been on these forums long, but long enough to know I am rarely comfortable commenting on the sspx. There is a wise man on these boards that is a religious. He has had the most knowledgeable and evenhanded and logical and charitable explanation of these issues I have ever heard. His user name is JReducation. I encourage you to seek out his posts on this issue.


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