Questioning my vocation


Sometimes I feel like there is something wrong with me. I have been in a relationship for a year and half with a wonderful Catholic Man who is very devout. He wants to be married and have kids and is very sure of his vocation. I thought I was too, but most of my life I have never had a strong desire to have kids.I am open to having kids, but don't feel the strong pull to have kids. Also, I like to visit the Blessed Sacrament regularly and or go to Mass regularly. I am always sad to leave, because I enjoy being there so much. I also, have a strong desire to serve our Lord. Sometimes, my boyfriend asks me, "Are you sure you are in the right vocation?" That makes me question my vocation more, and makes me confused and sometimes sad. I have been discerning and working with a Spiritual Director.

Am, I in the wrong vocation??? :confused::shrug:


Your spiritual director would be in a better position to answer that than any of us. Trust your Director’s guidance.


I think by asking you that, your boyfriend is trying to get you to talk about it with him. I would suggest doing so. He must care a great deal for you if he has the courage to ask that.


Have you ever tried exploring another vocation? Maybe go and visit different religious orders and see how you feel when you are with them compared to being with your boyfriend. Also, pray 3 Hail Mary’s every day for your vocation. :slight_smile:


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