Questioning your vocation


Good morning everyone I want to thank everyone in advance for their participation and assistance!

I have been married for 2 years now and my wife and I have one son and another child on the way but I must confess, there have been moments where I’ve felt as though I was called to the priesthood especially when I had a reconversion to the Catholic faith. Has anyone else experienced this feeling? If so, how did you go about reconciling these desires?


A wise old priest once told me that he didn’t know for certain he was called to be a priest until he was ordained. Once you’re in it, that’s your vocation. Too late to back out now because you made some soul-binding vows there. I guarantee that no matter what you may have felt before, God is calling you to marriage. Besides, good priests are the guys who would make the best dads, and if you’re already a dad and wanting to leave, that’s not of the Lord. That blinkin’ snake is whispering and you shut it down now for the sake of your soul and the souls of your wife and children. How do you shut it down? Same as any other temptation.


Abandoning my family is not what I was intending to suggest. My apologies on that impression. I know my marriage is my current vocation and binding but was wondering if others have felt this way too? Thanks for the tip of just get over it though :slight_smile:


I’d be extremely surprised if not. You might look into the permanent diaconate though, in case you haven’t thought of that.

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